Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Healing Birch Tree Crafts and Herbal Remedies

Birch Tree Decor, Etsy
Birch Tree Print by Etsy Shop:  

As a little girl I was always in awe of walking in the woods of Maine and seeing a birch tree scene much like the one above.  What I didn't find out until later in life was the natural beneficial properties of the birch tree.  Now remember, for all purposes here I am required to say by the powers that be, that I am not a doctor and none of this is meant to cure illness, or treat illness and blah, and blah, and blah.  

I am simply a natural girl who implements natural folk remedies in my life to aid in modern day issues. Case in point the birch has been used in traditional folk medicine for as long as the tree has been alive. I'm in the middle of using some fallen birch twigs to make a salve and have recently made this great pencil holder, which you can watch the 30 second tutorial video here: ON MY TIKTOK

Nature Chalet Podcast: Uses of Birch Tree

The birch tree is used in many different ways, and for humans all of these ways good.   From a canoe to a basket, artisans and crafters are using birch trees to sell handicrafts and wares on Etsy and in handmade shops. Birch biting's are a work of pride by the indigenous people and are quite beautiful to hang on the wall, or even used in jewelry.  
birch planter, etsy,
Kudos to shop Living Planter Designs, who is selling this as a "living planter".  Go green!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Wormwood Artemsia absinthium Crohn's disease Inflammation Irritable Bowel


wormwood plant, etsy, natural herb

Pic: SeedGeeks, Etsy shop.   As of this post, over 280K sales on Etsy for their seeds (not just wormwood, but all their seeds.) 

I recently had a situation where I felt like crap (ironic choice of words) and opted to buy a parasitic natural cleanse that contained Wormwood. It's old name:  

Artemsia absinthium

 I was horrified to learn that humans can be a host to worms, and often times doctors overlook such a thing. According to the internet, millions of people could be walking around with worms. Just gross. 

I had issues with almost two weeks of irritable bowel syndrome, and after using the natural supplement, (which also contained antioxident items such as blueberries cranberries, and apple cider vinegar in addition to the wormwood, I started to feel so much better!  

wormwood tincture
Tinctures sold at SchmerbalsHerbals

I discuss on the podcast below what I found out when researching Wormwood. As it turns out, I started googling clinical trials that have been conducted by true medical personnel, and was shocked to see some of the results.  It appears if given correctly it helps with inflammation, which would only make sense that it improved the quality of life for people who had irritable bowel or chron's disease. 

Additionally, it has been used in all kinds of studies from diabetes, to cancer patients hoping to improve the quality of life and get cancer patients to eat again, and in one trial that I mention on my podcast, improved their quality of life. 

More sources: 

 Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) for poorly responsive early-stage IgA nephropathy: a pilot uncontrolled trial - PubMed (

This one talks about Wormwood with cancer patients:  Wormwood - Cancer Care of Western New York ( 

This one discusses Wormwood being used for irritable bowel: Identifier: NCT00676975

Absinthe Fairy, art from 1879, artisan crafted glass oval cabochon, from fallenangelbrass

In Old Days, the absinthe fairy was a good thing.  This cabacon from Etsy shop FallenAngelBrass

The more I read the more I discovered that this herb has been in use for thousands of years, dating back to early ancestral medicine. Wormwood however, is TOXIC if not used properly and so I don't recommend rushing out there and growing your own.  Many sources sell natural holistic tinctures, teas or cleanses that contain this wonderful herb. 

Big Brother Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be. None of the information contained herein or on my podcast is intended to treat, cure or fix diseases. 


Friday, February 11, 2022

Nature Chalet Podcast Comes to Life

Nature Chalet Podcast : Living Natural and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

What? A Green Podcast?  

I had so much fun recording Living a Vintage Life Podcast, with my dear friend Ed, that I thought , why not do a nature podcast? I am so into nature and living greener in my daily life. I never understood why I gravitated to the trees, plants, streams, ponds, or animals...until much later in life. 

I realized perhaps it's due to the lineage a few generations that I recently found out I had.  I have always been "in tune" with nature, trying to be greener and reduce my carbon footprint. I find creative ways to recycle and repurpose, and put vintage items in my daily life, instead of creating more waste in the landfill or buying mass market items.

I live my life with herbs and natural remedies, and reuse everything!  Although my lifestyle is definitely not for everyone there is lots of information to be had. I'm not a doctor, and I don't intend to give any medical advice, but perhaps getting different outlooks or information out there is part of our learning process. Nature's benefits are astounding, and so much is there for your use!

It's my intention to just put some information that is out there and have open discussions on ways to reduce your carbon footprint!  So now, I will go soak up ten minutes of sun, safely basking like a salamander for a short period of time just to absorb some vitamin D3 and then come up with a show schedule.  Thanks for reading my journey here, as it comes to life. 



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